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     Hypocycloidal Mechanism. The world's only with a spherical bearing, with a lifetime that is required for
combustion engines. Hypocycloidal mechanism, which converts reciprocating motion into rotary motion which can
be used in internal combustion engines as a mechanism which converts the reciprocating motion of the piston to a
rotary motion of the shaft, may be used in sawmill saws where it is converted into rotary motion of the drive unit to
reciprocating motion of saws, as well as in many other devices where conversion of reciprocating motion into rotary
motion or rotary motion to reciprocating motion occurs.

Hypocycloidal mechanism
Category, number and date of application:
WYN: (21) 343741, (22) 06-11-2000
Category and number of protection:
WYN: (11) 203459

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