I am a Polish inventor. I am an author of more almost 30 patent applications. I have been granted patents for
three solutions from among them. I created this website to present my work as an inventor. Here, you will find some
suggestions in automotive industry. My idea are stream sparking plugs, characterised in that they have improved
engine dynamics and significant fuel savings. The inventions filed include the vertical take-off and landing aerial
vehicle propulsion that allows construction of energy-efficient flying vehicles (flying car) with a very advantageous
manoeuvring performance. I am also the author of the copyright protection system, which is a method to combat
piracy and to open great commercial opportunities for creators of all copyrighted contents. I also have ideas closely
related to information technology and e-commerce, such as the concept of a commercial internet search engine that
is based on my original algorithm, a which this search engine can be a tool with a completely new way of presenting
Internet resources, or the concept of a computer translator with a very high ratio of accuracy of the text translation
into one foreign language or several languages at the same time.
     Personally, I think that there are many things in the world to ‘be improved’. In my opinion, many scientific theories
are interpreted superficially and ‘defective’. Maybe this will sound immodest, however I am ‘eager’ to find solutions
where others were unable to find and where others found things insolvable. At this point, I would like to make an offer
to any company: if there is a technological problem, it could take on finding solution to this problem. In addition, I will
be making efforts to apply for patent protection of this solution, which involves 20-year exclusive rights to use the
patented technology or extra profits for selling license for this technology.

Radosław Pełka
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Radosław Pełka
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Czy spożywanie wody pozbawionej ciężkiej wody D2O, pozwoli wzmocnić układ odpornościowy tak, że organizm człowieka będzie zwalczał wszelkie infekcje z dużo lepszą skutecznością? Tego nie wiem, życzyłbym sobie i wszystkim aby tak było, aby było to orężem do walki z wszelkimi wirusami. WHO może to sprawdzić przeprowadzając stosowne testy, proszę dołączajcie do grupy:
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