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Rotary timing used in internal combustion engines and reciprocating compressors 
Category, number and date of application:
WYN: (21) 382340, (22) 30-04-2007

     Innovative design solution that make four-stroke and two-stroke spark ignition internal combustion as well as
compression ignition engines burn 20 to 40% less fuel and emit on average 30% less CO2 pollution to the
     Internal combustion engines rotary timing and piston compressors rotary timing is a design solution that allows to
very long failure-free and maintenance-free engine operation. Rotary timing according to the invention allows the
engine to operate at high rotational speeds. In addition, in order to operate this timing consumes several times less
energy than the traditional timing with poppet valves. The fact that location of timing components allows to use more
sparking plugs inside the cylinder head, so that the combustion efficiency is so high that the energy efficiency of
spark-ignition engine becomes comparable to the energy efficiency of a diesel engine is an additional very important
advantage of rotary timing used in internal combustion engines with spark ignition. Another advantage of rotary
timing according to the invention is the fact that the load admission into the cylinder takes place without resistance
as opposed to classical timing gear where valves poppets make filling the cylinder more difficult.
     Rotary timing according to the invention may be used in both spark-ignition engines and compression ignition. It
may be used in both four-stroke as well as two-stroke engines. In the internal combustion engines, the rotary timing
is available in two basic versions, i.e.: in version one, where the timing ring is mounted in bearings on a protruding
part of the engine sleeve, at the top of engine block, and in version two where the timing ring is mounted in bearings 
around the combustion chamber, in the lower part of the cylinder head. The other timing design concept according
to the invention is not that much recommended, since it makes the engine head construction unnecessary more
complicated, and makes it possible that the system lubricating oil gets access to the engine cylinders.

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