How to interpret the biblical account combined with the theory,
that allows to introduce a system giving humanity eternal life.

     Object of the Invention.   The object of the invention is a method to interpret the biblical account combined with the
theory that allows to introduce a system giving humanity eternal life. The method according to the invention first of all
allows us to indicate that the Bible and information it contains are not a ‘work of fiction’. The fact that the description
of the creation of the world the Bible contains does not correspond to the results of scientific research, results from
ignorance and lack of imagination of scientists who superficially analyse events that may have taken place in the
past. The key issue for the world of science to undermine authenticity of the events described in the Bible  is a
colossal discrepancy in estimating the age of the Earth and life that came into existence (was created) on it. Well, if
researchers carefully analysed the biblical record, they would find the cause of this discrepancy and would confirm
the fact that the biblical model of the world creation is absolutely likely.

     State of the Art.  At the moment, there are two crazy theories that are taken for granted, and which question the
authenticity of the events described in the Bible. The first of these theories is ‘Darwin's Theory Of Evolution’,
according to which it is assumed that ‘Man came from a monkey’ and all the fauna and flora resulted from an
spontaneous transformations of DNA structures over millions of years. Calculations of the probability of life self-
formation on Earth shows that the self-formation of the DNA chain is expressed by probability of 1/10113, and the
probability of self-formation of the cell membrane, whose construction is even more complicated, is expressed by
probability of 1/1040.000. There is a circle of sober-minded scientists who are trying to demonstrate this fact, but the
‘hard-liners’  are not convince by arguments that the self-formation of life is like a wind raging at garbage dump trying
to assemble a Boeing 747 from garbage. The other crazy theory is  assuming the that determining the age of lifeless
organic molecules using radioactive elements isotopes is 100%  certain and unquestionable. Now, if we examine the
biblical description of the world creation and attribute consequences resulting from some facts described, then, for
example Carbon-14 Dating creates confusion resulting in attributing hundreds of thousands or millions of years of
existence to lifeless organic particles instead of thousands of years. Why is this happening? Now, on the second day
of the biblical creation of the world, God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the
firmament from the waters which were above the firmament. And God called the firmament Heaven. Therefore, the
waters above the firmament were located over our heads, above the Earth's atmosphere and most likely on orbit
around the earth as ‘ice shield’ surrounding the entire Earth. But for what purpose? Well, just to protect the Earth
from cosmic radiation and the consequences of this radiation on living organisms. So, if we assume that the waters
above the firmament are waters of the future Flood, then it can be assumed that since the Flood the Earth was
deprived of a shield to protect it from cosmic radiation this resulted in specific implications. Please pay attention to
the biblical fact that before the Flood, people lived to be nearly 1000 years, while after the Flood, human life span was
falling little by little, and according to what God announced before the Flood, human life span is up to 120 years. At
this point we should pay attention to the fundamental fact that thousands years ago human life span in the Bible has
been determined for 120 years, which is confirmed by contemporary scientists expressing their opinion that a man
living without stress and applying a healthy diet should live to be 120 years. We will return further below to the length
of human life; let us at this point focus on the error in determining the age of lifeless organic molecules using Carbon-
14 isotope. Now, this method consists in assuming that Carbon-14 isotope occurs naturally in constant proportion
towards Carbon-12 . In the nutritional processes of the entire fauna and flora on the Earth, Carbon-12 and in
proportion Carbon-14 isotope are assimilated by living organisms, and upon the death of the organism, this
exchange is terminated and, over time, the ratio of the Carbon-14 isotope towards Carbon-12 in lifeless organic
particles decreases, which results from half-life of radioactive Carbon-14 isotope. By examining lifeless organic
remains for Carbon-14 isotope ratio towards Carbon-12 it can be quite accurately determined how many years
before death of the given organism occurred. Of course, to make sure that this method has no errors, it must be
assumed that in the past in nature, Carbon-14 isotope ratio towards Carbon-12 was constant. Please pay attention
to the fact that Carbon-14 isotope is created in the upper layers of Earth's atmosphere as a result of ‘bombing’
Carbon-12 atoms by cosmic radiation particles. If we now assume that the Earth’s history was proceeding according
to the biblical scenario and in the period before the Flood the Earth was protected from cosmic radiation by waters
over the firmament, then before the Flood, the number of Carbon-14 isotope atoms in the flora and fauna in those
times was hundreds or maybe even thousands of times smaller than it is today. As a consequence, the age of
hundreds of thousands or millions of years is attributed to the lifeless organic particles from before the Flood. At this
point, it should be taken into account that after the Flood, the amount of Carbon-14 isotope in the atmosphere has
gradually grown, so organic particles that died 100, 200, and 300 years after the Flood are attributed the age of,
respectively, hundreds of thousands, tens of thousands and several thousand years.

    Description of the Invention.   The method of interpreting the biblical account combined with the theory, that allows
to introduce a system giving humanity eternal life, allows to create a specific behaviours that pave the way to
implement the immortality of people and increase human immunity to a variety of diseases, including cancers. In the
biblical account, in the Book of Revelation, which describes the end-times, reference is made to the water of eternal
life and the fruit of the tree of eternal life. Many people wonder what is the elixir of youth: the water or the fruit? Well,
both, since the fruit can not give eternal life without water, as well as the water itself can not give eternal life without
the fruit.
     Let us now focus on the water of eternal life. Well, we know that before the Flood, people lived to be nearly 1000
years, and we know that Adam and Eve after eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil were
expelled from Paradise, and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which
turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life (Genesis, 3:24.), so that people do not have access to the fruits
of this tree. So it must be assumed that the length of human life under certain conditions, without fruit of the tree of
eternal life being involved, could reach nearly 1000 years. What could be the cause for such longevity of people living
before the Flood? Now let's look at the properties of water currently present in nature and at some of its properties
resulting from the impact of cosmic radiation. Let us take, at this point, into account the fact that before the Flood, the
Earth was protected from cosmic radiation by ‘a shield’ of waters which were above the firmament that on the
second day of creation, God placed above the firmament, which is above Heaven, which is above the Earth's
atmosphere. Now, the content of heavy water D2O is an essential element that contaminates water H2O currently
present in nature. The content of heavy water D2O in water is expressed by the ratio of 150 to 1,000,000 and in order
to it better illustrate it: 150 mm3 of heavy water is accounted for per each litre of water or 1,000,000 mm3. If we now
assume that the average adult person consumes as dishes and fluids about 3 litres of water per day, then,
simultaneously, he consumes about 450 mm3 of heavy water D2O per day, i.e. this person consumes daily
1cm/1cm/0.5cm aqueous pill of heavy water D2O. Where does the heavy water D2O contained in water come from?
The answer to this question is the fact that in Earth's upper layers of atmosphere, where the impact of cosmic
radiation is much larger than at surface of the Earth,    percentage of deuterium ‘D’ atoms (proton is the nucleus of
hydrogen ‘H’ atom, while proton and neutron are the nucleus of the deuterium ‘D’ atom) is 150 times higher
compared to the percentage of deuterium ‘D’ on the surface of the Earth. What are the possible implications of heavy
water D2O consumption? At this point, I am going to quote Wikipedia:
     ‘Influence of heavy water on living organisms: From physico-chemical point of view, heavy water is not much
different from the ‘normal’ water. These small differences are, however, essential for living organisms. In
biopolymers such as proteins or nucleic acids, deuteration (i.e. isotope exchange of hydrogen into deuterium)
causes a slight decrease of energy of hydrogen bonds. It is an Ubbelohde effect, which is well known in nature. The
difference in hydrogen and deuterium activity in living organisms is rooted in the effects of dynamic cooperative
interactions that lead to the occurrence of isotopic self-organization effects in systems of hydrogen bonds. H/D self-
organization leads to the fact that the deuterium reluctantly ‘enters’, for example, into DNA of living organisms. When
a living cell is placed in the environment of heavy water, mitotic apparatus, and more particularly, eukaryotic spindle
which is composed of DNA, D-D bonds are formed that are weaker than H-H bonds, hence disruption those bonds
occurs and the efficiency of DNA replication is reduced’
     ‘Influence on animals: Experiments on mice, rats and dogs showed that 25% deuterium content causes
(sometimes irreversible) sterility, because gametes and zygotes can not develop. High concentrations of heavy
water (90%) rapidly kill fish, tadpoles, flatworms and fruit flies. Mammals such as rats, if given heavy water for
drinking, die after a week, when the deuterium content reaches 50%. The cause of death, like in cytotoxic poisoning,
(e.g. for chemotherapy) and acute radiation disease, seems to be general inhibition of cell division. Heavy water is
more toxic to cancer cells than to normal ones, but concentrations required for effective action are too high for
therapeutic applications. Just as in chemotherapy, mammals poisoned with D2O die as a result of bone marrow
failure (bleeding and infections) and bowel function disorders (diarrhoea and loss of body fluids.).’
     Therefore, consuming heavy water D2O is lethal. Of course, the above examples are for the 25, 50 and 90
percent of D2O in water. With these concentrations of heavy water however, the result of its toxicity is instant. I do
not think that heavy water is harmful to living organisms starts from 25% of its content in water. I believe that the
overall concentration of D2O in water at the level of 0.015% results in degradation of the DNA chains to such an
extent that instead of 1000 years humans can live only 120 years. At this point, I repeat that consuming 3 litres of
water per day per day you apply to yourself 1cm/1cm/0.5cm pill of D2O poison. Therefore a question arises - what
should be done to protect us against the toxic effects of heavy water? Well, a huge global project of water treatment
should be undertaken: for direct human consumption (for humans and animals), and for horticultural purposes (both
supplying water for vegetables and fruits in horticulture, as well as with supplying water for all agricultural produce
serving as food for humans and animals). If that goal had been achieved, then I think that the human life span could
be significantly increased. Thus, I dare say that water free of heavy water D2O and saturated with the necessary
minerals may be the biblical ‘Water of Eternal Life’, which would be a substance that allows to extend human life to
1,000 years and to extend human life to infinity, humans should be administered (or periodically applied) ‘elixir of
youth’. From the biblical account we know that such a potion was contained in the fruit of the tree of eternal life, but
because of original sin, people have been deprived of this fruit - but can we be you sure of that?
     At this point I am going to quote words of Scripture from Genesis 6:1-8 that describe the history in the days of
1. And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,
2. That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they
3. And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an
hundred and twenty years.
4. There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters
of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.
5. And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his
heart was only evil continually,
6. And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.
7. And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and
the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them.
8. But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.
Please pay attention to verse 3 of the above chapter, i.e. to the term ‘always’. This term appears in many translations
of the Bible, instead of ‘forever’. This implies that before the Flood, something happened. An event that could lead to
the fact that people of that time were blessed with eternal life. We  know that God placed at the east of the garden of
Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life, but the above
quotation shows that in the days of Noah, the Sons of God came to the earth, who entered into matrimony with the
daughters of men, and, in this quotation it is not without reason that this fact is described in connection with God's
declaration that human life will not last always but it will last 120 years. I think that in days of Noah, the Sons of God
coming to Earth, had ‘pass’ for having access to the Tree of Eternal Life growing in Eden, and they offered the fruits
of this trees to their human wives. I think that over time, people have cultivated the Tree of Eternal Life, so that all had
access to the fruits of this tree. Is God playing ‘cat and mouse’ with people? Well, I guess as God saw the evil of
people before the Flood, he allowed his sons to offer the gift of eternal life to people (in the hope that people blessed
with eternal life will improve their deeds), and as God saw that it not has changed much, he decided to destroy the
mankind of those times, leaving Noah and his family alive. It can be concluded from this interpretation that the trees
of eternal life are scattered in the present world, and the properties of the fruit of this tree have been lost because
waters of the current world are contaminated with content of the toxic heavy water D2O, and as I wrote at the
beginning of this material, in order to have the gift of the eternal life, consumption of ‘the Fruit of the Tree of the
Eternal Life’ should be combined with the consumption of ‘Water of the Eternal Life’. At this point, let me quote the
words of the Apocalypse of St. John: Revelation 22:1-2
1. And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the
2. In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of
fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.
What kind of tree is the tree of the eternal life? Well, let me quote below a description of the properties of the
pomegranate fruit, which, I think, is the fruit of the tree of the eternal life (of course, in connection with crystal clear
water saturated with minerals, free from heavy water D2O:
Source -
     ‘Pomegranate has already been cultivated 5000 years B.C. In ancient Greece and Egypt, the plant was worshiped
as sacred and the ancient Chinese medicine considered pomegranate juice as ‘concentrated life’ and a symbol of
longevity. Due to the large amount of seeds, pomegranate has become a fertility symbol and plant reproductive
     It is known today that the pomegranate fruit prolongs life, strengthens heart and enhances erotic sensations.
Pomegranate fruit contains a lot of vitamin C, niacin, potassium, fibre, organic acids and protein. It is a healthy,
natural love potion. Pomegranate juice effectively combats heart diseases and cardiovascular diseases, lowers
blood pressure, relieves inflammation, particularly in arthritis and prevents aging processes and development of
cancer. Effectiveness of pomegranate juice against free radicals, inflammatory processes, as well as heart disease
and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease has been scientifically confirmed. Pomegranate juice contains three
times more antioxidants than the same quantity of green tea or red wine.
    Pomegranate significantly improves blood flow in the cardiac muscle in patients with coronary disease and
reduces deposits and calcifications in the carotid artery. In addition, pomegranate juice reduces high blood pressure,
eliminates erectile dysfunction, prevents aging processes and slows the progression of dementia caused by
Alzheimer's disease. Protective effect of pomegranate on the foetus has also been demonstrated. Drinking
pomegranate juice by a pregnant woman protects the foetus against damages of the brain. Subsequent studies have
confirmed strong attenuating effect on the development of cancer lesions of prostate, lungs, intestines, skin and
breast. Drinking juice regularly is beneficial in asthma, problems with digestion, supports the treatment of angina, and
scurvy. Fresh fruits are recommended for colds, especially with fever.
     Pomegranate is widely used in the food industry. It is used for making juices, salads, jellies. From pomegranate
juice (called grenadine) soft drinks and jellies are produced. It is also used for the production of wine and syrup. In the
Middle East, the sauce is prepared, where pomegranates are combined with nuts. Tannins contained in the
pomegranate peel are the raw material in the pharmaceutical industry and tanning industry, while thanks to alkaloids
contained in the pomegranate tree bark, the fruit is used in veterinary medicine as an anti-tapeworm agent.
     Pomegranate is also used in the manufacture of cosmetics.
     Cosmetic properties of pomegranate fruit extract:
• has antioxidant properties, i.e. protects the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals;
• activates the skin regeneration processes and accelerates the healing of skin irritation;
• stimulates fibroblasts (connective tissue cells that produce the protein fibrils that build tissue, e.g. in the skin) for the
synthesis of collagen and elastin, resulting in smoothing wrinkles, increased skin density and elasticity;
• moisturises, increases skin elasticity and firmness;
• nourishes and revitalises tired and premature aging skin;
• has a gentle astringent effect and constrict pores;
• has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and bacteriostatic effect;
• supports healing of acne inflammations;
• improves blood supply and skin tone’
End of quotation.
     Personally, I think that the medicinal properties of pomegranate will be much greater if the plant will be supplied
with water free from heavy water D2O.

     In order to check and apply the above technology, technology of separation of heavy water from water
should be applied. I know how to create a cheap and very efficient device for this purpose, but at the
moment I do not have funds to build this device.
Wpływ wody ciężkiej na żywe organizmy

"Eksperymenty na myszach, szczurach i psach[6] pokazały, że zawartość 25% deuteru powoduje (czasem
nieodwracalną) bezpłodność, ponieważ gamety i zygoty nie mogą się rozwijać. Wysokie stężenia ciężkiej wody
(90%) gwałtownie zabijają ryby, kijanki, płazińce i muszki owocowe. Ssaki, np. szczury, otrzymujące do picia ciężką
wodę, umierają po tygodniu, kiedy zawartość deuteru osiąga 50%. Przyczyną śmierci, podobnie jak w zatruciu
cytotoksycznym (np. podczas chemioterapii) i ostrej chorobie popromiennej, wydaje się być ogólne zahamowanie
podziałów komórkowych. ..."


                                         Wirówka do separacji cząsteczek i związków chemicznych.

    Wirówka do separacji cząsteczek i związków chemicznych może mieć zastosowanie zwłaszcza do
oczyszczania wody i odsalania wody morskiej, jak również może mieć szerokie zastosowanie do separacji metali i
związków chemicznych z dowolnego płynu. Powyższy efekt uzyskuje się w wyniku zastosowania siły odśrodkowej
odpowiedniej do poszczególnych procesów, dzięki czemu wykorzystując różny ciężar właściwy cząsteczek i
związków chemicznych zachodzi możliwość bardzo efektywnej i energooszczędnej separacji. Wirówka pozwala
uzyskać prawie idealnie czystą wodę pozbawioną ciężkiej wody D2O, która po odpowiednim procesie mineralizacji
stanie się idealnym produktem spożywczym.

    To co różni przedstawioną wirówkę w odniesieniu do podobnych urządzeń tego typu, to zastosowane
rozwiązanie konstrukcyjne oraz osobliwa metoda pracy wirówki. W wirówce tej kluczowymi elementami
konstrukcyjnymi są: zastosowany wieniec ze studzienkami, który zapewnia znacznie mniejszą możliwość
zaburzenia separacji związków podczas fazy opróżniania wirówki z oczyszczonego płynu, oraz zastosowany talerz
z kanalikami przeznaczony do opróżniania wirówki z oczyszczonego płynu, który podczas fazy opróżniania
wywołuje nieznaczne „turbulencje” płynu. Osobliwą cechą pracy wirówki jest jej wysoka energooszczędność, oraz
duża wydajność, które wynikają z następującej zasady pracy wirówki: W pierwszym etapie uruchamiana jest
wirówka do niewielkiej prędkości obrotowej i w tym czasie wtłaczana jest pierwsza partia płynu. Po napełnieni
wirówki pierwszą porcją płynu następuje zwiększenie jej prędkości obrotowej do wartości wymaganej dla danego
procesu. Od tego momentu cały czas wirówka pracuje w trybie wysokiej prędkości obrotowej. Po określonym
czasie (np. 1 minuta) (cały czas przy wysokiej prędkości obrotowej) następuje faza opróżniania wirówki z określonej
porcji oczyszczonego płynu. Po tej fazie następuje wtłaczanie kolejnej porcji zanieczyszczonego płynu (cały czas
przy wysokiej prędkości obrotowej) i po upływie kolejnej minuty następuje faza opróżniania wirówki z kolejnej
określonej porcji oczyszczonego płynu. Itd. Ilość tych cykli wynika ze stopnia „zanieczyszczenia” płynu poddanego
separacji. Po ostatniej fazie (załóżmy 50 cykli) opróżniania wirówki z określonej porcji oczyszczonego płynu,
następuje zatrzymanie wirówki i poprzez oddziaływania grawitacyjne cięższe frakcje (cząsteczki i związki
chemiczne) zgromadzone w studzienkach wirówki spływają do miski zlewczej. Podczas cykli opróżniania wirówki z
określonej porcji oczyszczonego płynu, siła odśrodkowa wytwarza ciśnienie, dzięki czemu opróżnianie
oczyszczonego płynu następuje samoczynnie z chwilą otwarcia zaworu (korka) wydzielonego we wnętrzu talerza z
kanalikami odprowadzającymi, przy czym usuwana jest ta porcja oczyszczonego płynu, która znajduje się
pomiędzy osią wirówki a otworami kanalików odprowadzających talerza.

    Energooszczędność wirówki wynika z faktu, iż energia potrzebna na jej pracę to suma: energii spożytej na
rozpędzenie wirówki do wysokiej prędkości obrotowej, energii spożytej na rozpędzenie do wysokiej prędkości
obrotowej kolejnych porcji wtłaczanego płynu, oraz energii spożytej na pokonanie tarcia mechanizmu pracującego
urządzenia. Dzięki temu, że podczas pracy wirówki przez okres przykładowych 50-ciu cykli wirówka pracuje ze
stałą wysoką prędkością obrotową, uzyskuje się oszczędność energii gdyż nie ma potrzeby wyhamowania i
ponownego rozpędzenia urządzenia dla każdego cyklu.
    Idea wirówki została przedstawiona w przykładzie wykonania w załączonych projektach:
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idealnie czysta woda
Idealnie czysta woda
Grupa publiczna · 196 członków
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Celem stworzenia grupy "Idealnie czysta woda" jest uświadomienie społeczeństwu jak negatywny wpływ na nasze zdrowie ma spożywanie wody, która w znaczą...